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Friday, May 22, 2009

a tribute to kris allen

i believe that kris allen won’t let me falling slowly because he will makes me remember the time when he grab the title of american idol. he knows how sweet it is to see him winning the competition. he knows how to make me feel his love so he won’t makes me heartless. he knows that there’s no need to apologize because he already said that he loves the way i look tonight. he said that there ain’t no sunshine when he saw we all work hard for the moneyso we can support him. he wants to become the man in the mirror so he can see me dance because all i wants to do is dance for him. so let us as krisallenation come together to support him and make kris allen as the winner of american idol. because there will be no boundaries anymore when he got it. and what's going on after he got it? he will be a superstar in my heart.

i <3>

still the number one KrisAllenation.