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Sunday, September 27, 2009

hey kanye, how could you be so heartless?

spotted: kanye west ruined taylor swift's moment at vma.

i just watched the 2009 vma for the 2nd time. and i still amazed by the tribute to Michael Jackson by janet jackson. she's awesome. this tribute was so amazing and it dont get the public attention because of kanye west.

so, taylor swift's video 'you belong with me' just won the best female video. when she's just going to start her speech, kanye grab her mic, and said that "beyonce got one of the best video this year" everyone shocked, even BEYONCE IS SHOCK AND SAID "WHAT THE HELL". everyone booed kanye. poor taylor. later, kanye was kicked out from the show and he apologized to what he did to taylor swift. but, hey it's her moment. you ruined it.

but beyonce's such an angel. when she accepted the video of the year, she said that she was 17 when she got her 1st moon man with destiny's child and it was one of the best moment of her life. and she wants taylor swift to come up the stage and enjoy her moment! everyone gave the standing applause to both taylor and beyonce.

that's not the only thing that we could see on the vma. taylor swift performance was great. lady gaga was awesome with paparazzi. and single ladies, it rocks the night.

all i can say is "hey kanye, how could you be so heartless?" you sing a song about a person that heartless, but i think now you're singing for yourself.

go taylor swift! i love you, no matter what kanye's said :)